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~ The Duty of the Press ~



    Tasers have been used in a variety of circumstances, including a situation earlier this month in New Holland, where police used the device on a 22-year-old woman who struggled with officers and apparently tried to kick out the back window of the cruiser. The woman was later charged with assault and public drunkenness, among other offenses.

Today’s New Era Editorial, “Tasers a welcome part of arsenal.”

    This is the only mention of the Faith Mugwe case in the Lancaster Newspapers since the Sunday News ran the New Holland police press release on July 13th.  

    This is a case of torture by taser.  I would like to thank NewsLanc.com for picking up and republishing my story, “In New Holland in 2008:  ANOTHER LYNCHING” (click here).  

    The arrest, torture and humiliation this woman endured is intolerable and beyond belief.  It is the duty of the press to present these terrible injustices to the public to prevent them from happening in the future and ensure that justice is served.  The Lancaster Newspapers have never done that – hence we have an attempted lynching in New Holland in 2008.

    I know that Ron Harper, Jr., co-publisher of the Lancaster Post,  is also well versed in this situation and has directly met many of those involved.

    It is the duty of the press to investigate and present these stories.  If the Lancaster Newspapers won’t do it, this site, NewsLanc.com and the Lancaster Post will.  I’ve stated I will follow this case every step of the way to the very end.  I will.

    There will be much more tomorrow…




[Editor’s note:  This email reply to “QUESTIONS FOR THE DA” (see below) came in my mailbox yesterday at 4:39 p.m. from District Attorney Craig Stedman.   Thank you and please check back later today.]




Thank you for your interest in this case.


Most of the allegations/questions you ask can only be answered by discussing the particular facts about the case.  Because this is a pending case and the defendant is presumed innocent of all charges, it would be inappropriate for this office to disclose facts not already of public record.  You can refer to the formal charges and supporting affidavit for the basis of what the police have charged in this case.


With respect to your other questions, I am unaware of the existence of any official claim of use of excessive force in this matter.  I am also unaware that a civil rights violation claim has been filed or is pending.  Regardless, this office will review the circumstances of this case in accordance with the relevant law and take the appropriate action/s.


If you have some actual information/evidence which would be of assistance in determining the facts of the case, I would ask that you that you convey that to us.


Craig W. Stedman

District Attorney of Lancaster County



~ On the Arrest of Faith Mugwe ~


[Editor’s note:  At Ms. Hoffer’s request, the following email was sent to her at 3:45 p.m. today.]


Dear Ms. Hoffer:

    Thank you for responding to my call to District Attorney Craig Stedman with questions regarding the arrest of Faith Mugwe in New Holland on July 12th by New Holland Police Officers Christopher A. Clingan and Wendell Metzler.  You asked me to put my questions in an email and I am doing as requested.

    My questions for Mr. Stedman regarding this arrest are as follows:

    Has the District Attorney’s Office opened an investigation into the excessive force, the violation of Ms. Mugwe’s civil rights and the charges brought by these two police officers?  If not, why not?

    Why did two large officers tackle a 120 pound woman from behind?  Why didn’t they tell her she was under arrest?  How could she “resist” arrest when she was never told she was being arrested?

    Why did the police officers pepper spray her twice while she was handcuffed?  How can they charge her with “public drunkenness” while she was on her own property?

    Why did the officers arrest her and take her to the police station in her bra?  Why didn’t they give her an opportunity to get dressed?

    Why did Officer Clingan taser Mugwe while she was in an ambulance strapped down to a gurney?  Why is Mugwe charged with “aggravated assault?”

    Why were Mugwe’s civil rights violated by the police officers in the Ephrata Community Hospital when she was involuntarily subjected to a urinary catheterization with Officer Clingan standing in the room and her body was left completely uncovered?  What possible reason could there be for a urinary catheterization in this case?

    I look forward to your answers to these questions.




Becky Holzinger

Editor, www.lipnews1.com

My email to the DA is coming later today…


~ Lancaster Lynching ~



    I was scared.  I was tired.  I had tried everything I could think of.  I called Rick Gray about the Lancaster Lynching story.

    The last time I saw Alice Johnson, Robert Henderson’s grandmother, she had changed.  We used to sit on her porch and talk for hours.  This time she wouldn’t open her door.  She told me through the crack that I wasn’t doing enough.  I wasn’t trying hard enough.  And she told me not to come back again. 

    I said. “The police have been here, haven’t they?”  She didn’t answer.  She told me again that I wasn’t trying hard enough.  I promised her I would try harder and she shut her door. 

    As I stepped off her porch and walked down the street, a Lancaster Police cruiser followed me slowly for two blocks.

    I received a direct death threat in my house in Philadelphia.  Someone broke in while my roommates and I were gone.  They didn’t steal anything.  They gathered some items from the house and left a little message in the middle of a bedroom floor – a hair dryer, an alarm clock and several pennies.   Luckily, I was too naive then to comprehend the full impact of the message.

    I knew attorney Rick Gray from the Krushinski stories I wrote for the Lancaster Independent Press (click here).  I felt he was a friend and I thought if there was anyone in Lancaster who would be willing to go up against the system it would be Rick. 

    I called him.  He said he could not meet with me.  He said the police were too angry.  He was unwilling to be seen with me.  He did, at the end of the conversation, offer me this:  He said something to the effect of – “Don’t give up, Becky.  There’s a reason the police are so angry.  You have to be on to something.”

    Yes, I was on to something.  I was on to something huge, unbelievable and scary as hell.  And nothing in Lancaster has changed.



What I am trying to say to our readers is this:  The efforts to deny our First Amendment rights will eventually get around to you if they are not stopped now.

Chris Hart Nibbrig, Editor-in-Chief of the Lancaster Post in this week’s article, “Personal Post,” (click here).

    Chris, that already happened years and years ago in Lancaster County.

Please check back later today for Mayor Rick Gray…


~ Rape & Torture ~



     I live in Lanc. County.
    I cannot believe Lanc. News is supporting a group known for decades to commit acts of hate, violence and murder.  It is an outrage.  They kick people off that site routinely for bickering...but allow a group of racists to say what they want?  The editors/monitors have got
to be big-time haters.  It has to be made known, loudly.
     I am actually ashamed to be a resident of this county, knowing this is going on.

    I received the above email on January 3rd of this year regarding the Ku Klux Klan posting on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum.   

    I received several other emails on the same topic from the emailer and on January 17th, I received the following:

    Do you think it would be beneficial--or possible--to contact civil rights leaders, like Reverend Jesse Jackson?  Show them what is going on?
    I think if it worked the noise would be grand, the embarrassment unforgettable, and Lancaster online would be spanked and sent to the corners they deserve.
    What do you think?

    On Friday of this week, I received the email that is printed below twice from the exact same email address.  The second expressed exasperation that I had not published the email.

    Yesterday, I spoke to someone who attended Faith Mugwe’s birthday party for a friend and witnessed the police assault of Mugwe.  I asked them if they thought race had played a part.  The answer:  “Oh, my God, yes!  If she had been a little white girl, the police would have taken her home to her parents.”

    This is Friday’s email (note to emailer:  Faith Mugwe was raped):

     If I may weigh in on the whole tazer issue:
Telling the police--whose job it is to enforce peace by doing things like showing up at the home of an obnoxious, drunk, foul-mouthed, music-blasting 'nurse' (I'll take your word for that) to "Get the fuck out" is by all means grounds to arrest her for disorderly conduct.  Period.  She was out of control.
     You then state she was going back inside "To turn her music down."  But really, you have no earthly idea--since you were not there--what she went back inside to do.  Telling the police to "Get the fuck out of here", then turning her back to go back inside says she had no intention of doing anything but partying more. 
     No one knows what was in that house.  She was intoxicated, cursing at police, and attempting to re-enter her home.  The fact is, she could have had a weapon inside to use on the police she wanted to "Get the fuck out of here."  NO ONE, including the police, knew what her intentions were.
    The police are under no obligation to wait outside while she re-enters her home to see what this person who is disruptive, not interested in adhering to the orders of police officers, and a VERY possible danger to them might do.  They had every right to drag her out and get this woman under control by any means possible.  If she fainted it is no surprise, given the fact that she was intoxicated.  And how do you know if she is scarred, how, and when those scars occurred. 
Stop harping on the fact that she is black as a defense for her behavior.  If she was white, you wouldn't even be posting the story.  This is just another chance for you to play the "I'm black and a victim" card.  It is old, immature, and shows that really, your site is nothing more than a means to stir up issues that do not exist. 
    As for this being the 'Most horrific scenario anyone could imagine'...your racially-charged portrait cancels out rape?  Murder?  Child abuse?  That's sad.  And a classic example of the way your mind works.
     I am sure that IF you print this, it will be in parts you only want on the site, not the way it is really written.
     Bravo to the police for another fine job.


Tomorrow, my email to District Attorney Craig Stedman regarding this case…




  I blew out the candles, and my wish is that we can all grow in understanding.

Posted by “Whirlwind,” the resident Klan member on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum yesterday under a thread about his birthday.

    That is just so touching and deep!  Do you want us to grow in our understanding of your hatred for Jews, blacks and Hispanics?  That is touching. 

Please check back late today…




    My personal story about Mayor Rick Gray and the Lancaster Lynching story will come tomorrow.  My bad mood continues.  Yes, I know a mother of four was murdered and it looks like that case should be wrapped up any minute – actually it probably should have been wrapped hours ago. 

    And if New Era editor Ernie Schreiber puts another damn dog story and picture on the front page, I literally will go off the deep end.  Today’s story is about a “luxury hotel” for dogs that features “phones, TV’s and a cozy fireplace.”  Are you serious? In this recession where people are feeling pinched to the core, Schreiber puts this stupid article on the front page?  Does a relative of his own it?  What is he thinking?  Who could or would afford it?  Why do they need a cozy fireplace in freaking July?  The article is absolutely ridiculous and equally as stupid as his CAR vs. BUGGY front page story last week (see “CONTEMPLATION” below on this site.)

    On a serious note, I was directed to this deeply disturbing Associated Press article about a Hispanic immigrant who was murdered by three teenagers in what is described as “an epithet-filled fatal beating” in Shenandoah, PA.   The emailer suggested this may be the work of “Whirlwind,” the resident Klan member on the Lancaster Online forum.  Yes, it most certainly is.  It’s also the work of the Lancaster Newspapers and their discriminatory hiring, and hence, reporting, practices.  Yes, it most certainly is.

    This voice mail left on my cell phone today regarding the Faith Mugwe arrest:

    “Becky, it’s Joanne Eshelman.  I’m the Director of Community Relations at Ephrata Community Hospital.

    I got your message from yesterday regarding the patient you had an inquiry about and because of our concerns about protecting patients’ privacy and confidentiality, we don’t have any information that we can provide on that case at this point.”

    Thank you, Joanne.  What about protecting your patients’ civil rights?

Please check back tomorrow…




    Your displayed ignorance suggests you'll never be a fit citizen.

Posted by a member of the Ku Klux Klan on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under the article, “Celebrating 25 years of Hispanic culture.”

    Don’t you think it’s nice of the Klan to tell us who are “fit citizens” and who are not?   Sorry, I don’t listen to men with white robes and nooses in their closets.  Tell Obama about your “failed social experiment” theory, you sick, disgusting individual.


    The new edition of the Lancaster Post is online and features an interview with Mayor Rick Gray (click here).  Those are some tough questions, Ron!  Be careful - you might win a “Puff Piece of the Week” Award!  And for heaven’s sake, guys, stop whining and do something about your website.   Remember “Changing the way news is delivered”...

    Wow!  I need some coffee.

A personal story about Mayor Rick Gray is coming later today




    Faith Mugwe waived her preliminary hearing on Tuesday in front of New Holland District Justice Rodney H. Hartman.  Mugwe was represented by her attorney, Peter McHugh of Exton.  Her father, sister, three friends who were at the party and are witnesses, a former employer and friend of Mugwe and Ron Harper Jr., co-publisher of the Lancaster Post, were among those who attended as well as the two New Holland Police Officers who brought the charges.  Assistant District Attorney Daniel Dye represented the commonwealth.

    I contacted Dye by phone yesterday and he said any comments regarding the case would have to come from District Attorney Craig Stedman.  My phone call to Stedman was returned by Missy Hoffer of the D.A.’s office who asked me to send my questions about the case in an email.  I will do that and publish the email tomorrow.

    I also spoke with Amy Walsh who works in the community relations department of Ephrata Community Hospital.  She was unfamiliar with the incident and said she would look into it and get back to me. 

    There will be much more tomorrow. 




Faith Mugwe was subjected to an involuntary urinary catheterization in the Ephrata Community Hospital while New Holland Police Officer Christopher Clingan stood in the room and watched.

    Why is this police officer still working?  Why isn’t the District Attorney investigating this officer and his partner for excessive force and violation of Mugwe’s civil rights?  Why did Ephrata Community Hospital allow this illegal torture to take place?

Please check back later today…


~ In New Holland in 2008 ~



    Her civil rights were violated, her human rights were violated, her body was violated and her security and inner peace were forever ruined.

    Faith Mugwe, 22, threw a 55th birthday party for a friend in her apartment on Saturday, July 12.  There was a designated driver to take party guests home.

    The police say they received a loud music complaint and knocked on her door. 

    Faith Mugwe was drunk.  No one disputes that.  She was having a party in her home.  The police were excessively rude.  Mugwe stepped several feet out her front door to talk to them. 

    The discussion ended with Mugwe telling the police something to the effect of “Get the fuck out,” making a hand gesture, and turning her back to the police to re-enter her home and turn down the music.

    The two New Holland Police Officers tackled her and threw her on the ground.  They put her in handcuffs.  They never told her she was being arrested.

    There are at least three witnesses to the initial stage of this horrendous assault.  The police then dragged Mugwe around the corner to their car where no one could see them.  Mugwe was maced twice, taken to the police station, fainted, put in an ambulance, tasered on her breast and ultimately ended up in the Ephrata Community Hospital were she was subjected to an involuntary urinary catheterization with one of the male police officers standing in the room.

    She was then taken before a District Justice and arraigned on five criminal charges - aggravated assault, resisting arrest, public drunkenness and two counts of disorderly conduct.  Her bail was set at $25,000 and she spent two days in the Lancaster County Prison.

    It is the most horrific scenario anyone could possibly imagine:  A hard working, happy, twenty-two-year old who has never been in trouble with the law, holding a birthday party for a friend - and in an instant, her life is turned upside down, her body is violated and scarred, her rights are violated and her inner peace and security destroyed.

    Faith Mugwe is black.  The two New Holland Police Officers, Christopher Clingan and Wendell Metzler, are white.

Please check back tomorrow…



    Faith Mugwe was subjected to an involuntary urinary catheterization in the Ephrata Community Hospital while New Holland Police Officer Christopher Clingan stood in the room and watched.

Please check back later today…



    The preliminary hearing of Faith Mugwe has not begun (as of 3:52 p.m.)  There are three witnesses there to testify on Mugwe’s behalf who witnessed her arrest.  There are some horrifying details beginning to emerge.  Seriously horrifying details.  The New Holland Police need to be investigated. 


~ Faith Mugwe ~



    Friends and family will attend Faith Mugwe’s preliminary hearing today in New Holland at 2 p.m. on five charges stemming from a loud music complaint in her home.  The hearing will be in the office of District Justice Rodney H. Hartman located at 745B East Main Street  in New Holland.

    Ms. Mugwe was thrown to the ground, maced twice, handcuffed, tasered on her breast and arrested during the incident. 

    “This is a tragedy,” a friend of hers said today who wishes to remain anonymous for the time being.  “This is a young, hard working girl who was trying to have fun one night and something went terribly wrong.” 

    Mugwe is a nurse and will be represented by an attorney at today’s hearing.

Please check back later today…


~ & Stupidity! ~



    Who cares...like anyone would seriously contemplate trading in their car and riding a buggy??? guess LNP had some space to fill....

The first post on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under today’s front page New Era article, “CAR vs. BUGGY” (click here).

    It is truly the stupidest article I have read in years.  Stupid doesn’t even begin to cover it so I looked up synonyms:  daft, unintelligent, slow, dull, brainless, dim-witted, silly, ill-advised, dim, obtuse, dense and slow.  Yes, they are all required to fully describe this article.

    And the paper still has some space to fill, because when I saw the front page layout of this article in eEditions, I was stunned.  Editor Ernie Schreiber has honestly lost his mind. 

    There must be a two by four inch “white space” on either side of the headline.  And this is at the top of the front page!  Hint to Schreiber: People buy a newspaper to read it, not to look at huge white spaces with no printing.   Simply unbelievable! 


    All day today I was disgusted by the quote from a Klansman I have immediately below on this site – and then this occurred to me about his opening sentence – what if I changed “Hispanic culture” to “Amish culture” as in:

    What positive benefit to American culture has accrued from exposure to Amish culture?

    Okay, so I’m opening a can of worms!  I enjoy worms.  Please check back tomorrow – today I am busy making lists of positive benefits…




    What positive benefit to American culture has accrued from exposure to Hispanic culture? I do not consider lowered test scores, graduation rates, or increased printing costs as positive. Set me straight on how those are offset. There are some wonderful individuals, becoming great citizens. But taken as a group, it has been a sum loss to American culture.

The first post under the Sunday News article, “Celebrating 25 years of Hispanic culture,” on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum by a member of the Klan.

    What positive benefit to American culture has accrued from exposure to you?  I do not consider hatred, bigotry, intolerance and violence as positive.   You and your fellow Klan members are a sum loss to American culture.


Please check back later today…


~ & Amishmen and Decency! ~



    For those of us who work in newspapers, our bible (the one with the small "b" ) is the AP Stylebook.

    I await the book, updated each year at this time by The Associated Press, as eagerly as I used to wait for Christmas catalogs as a child.

Sunday News editor Marv Adams in his column last week, “Chapter and verse.”

    Ah, yes!  Marv Adams, the consummate newsman and editor!  I wonder if Marv reads the AP Statement of News Values with as much relish?  Obviously not, so I’m going to help Marv out today.  Here’s a small, but extremely relevant section:

    It means we always strive to identify all the sources of our information, shielding them with anonymity only when they insist upon it and when they provide vital information – not opinion or speculation; when there is no other way to obtain that information; and when we know the source is knowledgeable and reliable.

    It means we don't plagiarize.

    It means we avoid behavior or activities that create a conflict of interest and compromise our ability to report the news fairly and accurately, uninfluenced by any person or action.

    The AP statement goes on later to discuss “anonymous” sources at great lengths (click here).

    Which brings me to this sentence from Gil Smart in his front page story two weeks ago, “The Plain facts of healthcare – Faith not paying bills”:

    "It is really getting to the point where it's getting out of hand," said one local Amishman in an interview last week.

    This is simply unacceptable.  There are a lot of Amishmen in Lancaster County.  Where did Gil meet this one?  Where did he find him?  How local is he?  Where exactly is he from?  Where did Gil “interview” him?  Did he run into him at Central Market or on the street?  Did someone refer Gil to this local Amishman?

    This is simply unacceptable by any journalism standards.  Do you mean Gil couldn’t find one local Amishman in Lancaster County who was willing to be quoted by name for his newspaper article?

    Is this Amishman a farmer or does he have another occupation?  Does he have large medical bills?  Is he married?  Does he have children?  What sect does he belong to?  Is this Amishman knowledgeable and reliable?  Why did Gil “interview” this one and only particular local Amishman?

    It’s absurd, ridiculous and scandalous journalism.  There is no excuse for this.  There is no excuse for this, editor Marv.

    Regarding the second item, “we don’t plagiarize,” I suggest you remind Jon Rutter of your staff, Marv.  Jon shamelessly plagiarized an entire Philadelphia Inquirer article about an art show on puppy mills several months ago.

    And regarding the third item, conflict of interest?  I’ve said it before and I say it again, one day the Lancaster Newspapers will be cited as the example of unethical journalism - on many, many levels.



    Look who showed up on my July traffic report!  Hello, F&M!  I don’t know what project you are tracking, but I am honored to have you on board!  You might want to remind President John Fry, that upstanding, honorable man, that because of your security’s assault on Ron Harper, Jr., not only did this site have it’s highest traffic ever in the month of June, so did incesttragedy.com.  A little reminder to Mr. Fry of what is permanently (until someone with decency redacts the award) at the top of that site:


     Franklin & Marshall College, a liberal arts college in Lancaster, Pa., annually gives an award named after an incest perpetrator and academic fraud - my father.  The president of the college, John A. Fry, doesn’t care about sexual abuse.  He doesn’t care if your daughter or son is sexually abused.

     Do not send your children to this over-priced college that condones the sexual abuse of children. They will not be safe.


Please stay cool and check back tomorrow…


~ LNP! ~

IN THE 50’s


This email titled “Back to the 50s” in from Jeffrey Pijanowski, a former editor at Newsday, who now lives in Lancaster.  Thank you very much for writing, Jeff.  I hope to meet you soon.


Hey Becky:
    It was both sad and funny reading the email you received this morning that is at the top of your web site. Unfortunately, that type of attitude still exists throughout our country and here in Lancaster. But the good news is that many professional news organizations do in fact work hard to include minorities in their newsrooms. And despite some 1950s attitudes that linger, there has been tremendous progress.
    At Newsday, where I served almost 20 years, we had a specific minority training program that included dozens of reporters and editors who had recently earned their bachelor's degrees. It was wildly successful, as many of that program's graduates have moved on to places like ABC News, The Times, and high positions at Newsday. I was lucky enough to be a mentor to many of them, I am so proud that I had a small part in their success as journalists.
    In the end, a newspaper can only serve its community if it's a true reflection of that community. In no small way, it's what hinders Lancaster Newspapers ability to provide any sense of quality journalism.



Did a 73-year old doctor take the fall for five newspaper “reporters”?

    The new edition of the Lancaster Post is online with the above lead story.  What an excellent job Ron Harper, Jr. and Chris Hart Nibbrig are doing!  I’m taking this hot afternoon off to read it!  If you care to join me – click here.

Please check back tomorrow…




[This email in yesterday during my exchange with a relative of New Holland Police Officer Christopher Clingan.  The author is the same as the one in “BROKEN BONES? immediately below on this site.]  


    I did read that on your website. [The emailer is referring to my saying this:  “Do you know - you would if you read my site regularly ;-) - that the Lancaster Newspapers with over 100 editorial employees do not have a single minority on those staffs?”]  I feel that the most qualified person should be hired for a job- whether black, white or whatever.  I agree that this is America and that everyone should be treated equally and fairly.  You also mentioned that less than 1% of New Holland’s population is black- or something like that.  Obviously the black population in Lancaster is small.  Could this be the reason for this?  You are assuming that the paper is discriminating.  I do not read your site regularly.  I received an email today with the Tasered While Black article attached to it.  I found it utterly ridiculous and personally offensive.  That is why I replied. 




    This email in today and the email address carries the last name of one of the two New Holland police officers involved in the pepper-spraying, tasering and arrest of Faith Mugwe over the weekend over an alleged loud music complaint about her home.      

    It is very easy to find out who owns, writes and edits the LIP website.  I do.  My name, email address, phone number and address are under the “Contact Us” tab on the left and always have been. 

    I write everything on this website unless I indicate otherwise or I quote another party in which case I indicate where the quote is from.

    I am not a minority, however, I do have a bi-racial son and therefore, some in-depth knowledge of how deep racism runs in our society.  I also got my start as an investigative reporter on the Lancaster Lynching story that is running below on this site.

    I know nothing about the blog, “Tasered While Black” nor who owns it.  It does seem to be a reasonable, calm and sensible look at tasers and their use on blacks in this country.   

    I disagree with everything you say in this email and I will address that and much more tomorrow.  This is America.   


    I don't know who you are or if you have anything to do with the Tasered While Black article on the LIP website.  This was the only email address I could find on the LIP website.  I guess if I wrote bullshit articles like that I wouldn't want anyone to be able to contact me either. This article was obviously written by a misinformed, pissed off, "the world owes me", racist minority.  Why does it always have to be about race?  The police should NEVER arrest anyone except white people?  White people, especially cops, are always being accused of being racist, but this is reverse racism.  Because officer Clingan is white he doesn't have the right to defend himself?  Because he is tasering a black person he is racist?  If Mugwe were white would this article even exist??? Should officer Clingan have waited until she broke one of his bones before he tasered her?  The original call was loud music but Mugwe's reaction to the police caused the situation to escalate.  Why didn't she just turn the music down?  Why doesn't this article ask that question?  It throws around all sorts of accusations at the police but it misses the obvious.  Why didn't she just cooperate?  Is it the practice of your publication to just let any IDIOT write articles???  To the person who wrote this article- pull your head out of your ass for a minute and realize that the world is NOT out to get you.  Not all white people are racist.  Minorities can be racist to- which is obvious from your article. 




    We are not against taser use as an alternative to deadly force. We are however against taser abuse by rogue cops who consider the taser an apartheid electrocution whip of the 21st century.

From the “Tasered While Black” Blogspot which also features the arrest of Faith Mugwe in New Holland (click here).

    The anonymous caller on Tuesday, who claimed to be a neighbor who witnessed the arrest, told me this when asked how much Mugwe weighs:

    “She is a big woman.  She must weigh 200 pounds.  She could have really hurt someone.”

    I have it on excellent authority, sir, that you are wrong!  She does not weigh 200 pounds.  She does not weigh 150 pounds or 140 pounds or even 130 pounds.  Try much closer to 120 pounds.  Your eyesight must be failing.

    Her docket is listed on the web under Pennsylvania Courts and the number is CR-0000133-08.  According to the information, Mugwe’s preliminary hearing on the five charges (one for aggravated assault, one for resisting arrest, three for disorderly conduct and one for public drunkenness) is currently scheduled for July 22, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. in District Justice Rodney H. Hartman’s office located at 745B East Main Street in New Holland.

    Could this happen to you if you were drinking in your own home on a Saturday night and playing your music loudly?  You might want to check your skin color…

    Please check back later today…

Good News!  Great News!  There are things going on behind the Faith Mugwe case – most of which I can’t reveal.  But there will be a great deal more tomorrow…


    It appears that Faith Mugwe is no longer in the Lancaster County prison after she was pepper-sprayed, tasered, taken to the hospital and arrested following an alleged loud music complaint in her home in New Holland over the weekend.  She was listed as an inmate yesterday afternoon on the Lancaster County Prison website but is not on the prison list this morning.

    I received a long anonymous call yesterday from a man who claims to be a neighbor and witnessed her arrest.  Hint to caller – don’t have dispatch noises going on in the background when you call.

    Please check back later today.




    I spoke to New Holland Mayor William Horning today at 1:15 p.m. about the pepper-spraying, tasering and arrest of Faith Mugwe from her home over a loud music complaint over the weekend (please see “INVESTIGATE NOW!” below on this site).  He said he was not aware of the incident and will look into it and speak with the two officers involved.  I will call him back tomorrow.

    Phyllis Campbell, the head of the Lancaster Urban League was not aware of the incident, expressed surprise at hearing of it and will look into it.  I will get back to her as well as contact the Lancaster NAACP.

    Shannon Powers of the Human Relations Commission in Harrisburg said they don’t usually have any jurisdiction regarding police departments and wasn’t sure if it would warrant a special investigation.  She said she would look into it.  I will be back to her. 

    I also informed her that the three Lancaster Newspapers, with over 100 editorial employees, do not have a single minority on their staffs.  She said that was “very interesting.”

    Barack Obama is running for the President of the United States and this can happen in Lancaster County and the Lancaster Newspapers don’t blink an eye.  It is simply unbelievable and reflective of their racist employment practices.

    This email in on the Lancaster Lynching story below on this site:

    Those police sketches and that photo are uncanny, I could see maybe one guy in the picture might resemble a drawing by chance, but come on now those are the exact three guys in that photo as depicted in the police sketch. How can't anyone see that???

    I will come back to that story later this week. 




    This is the New Holland Police’s press release about the arrest of Faith Mugwe.  Something went terribly wrong here.  Is this being investigated?  Was Officer Clingan injured?  Did he miss work?  How can she be charged with public drunkenness?    This woman was in her home when police responded to a loud music call.  Who made the complaint?  How did things go so terribly wrong?  She’s lucky she’s not dead.  Could this happen to you?  Where is the investigation?  Has Mugwe been interviewed?  Did everything happen the way the policeman said it did?  Last week a man was shooting a shotgun across a street, hit a car, shattered a window and a five-month old baby was injured by the glass.  The man was charged with simple assualt and will receive a summons in the mail.  I wrote, "LUCKY HE'S WHITE! - And No One is Dead" below on this site.  Faith Mugwe wasn't so lucky.  According to this site, blacks make up 1.0% of New Holland's population!  Please check back later today.


    Faith Mugwe was arrested about 2:45 a.m. Saturday at her home in the 300 block of Brimmer Avenue and charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct, New Holland police said.

    Mugwe, 22, became unruly when officers responded to her home for a complaint of loud music, police said.
    Told she would not be charged if she turned down the music, police said, she began to yell profanities, refused to give her identification and tried to walk away when officers attempted to arrest her for disorderly conduct.
    After putting up a struggle and forcing officers to tackle and handcuff her, police said, she tried to escape through the back window of the cruiser.
    Officer Wendell Metzler sprayed her with pepper spray to get her back in the car, but she tried to kick out the back window numerous times, police said.
    Mugwe was taken to the police station and was to be treated by New Holland Ambulance for the pepper spraying when she lost consciousness, police said.
    During transport to the hospital, police said, she became combative and kicked Officer Christopher Clingan in the chest and shoulder numerous times.
    Clingan shot Mugwe with his Taser to subdue her and keep her from injuring him or the ambulance crew, police said.
    Mugwe was treated at Ephrata Community Hospital Saturday and was to be arraigned on multiple charges at her release.


~ And Racism ~



    I am really in too much shock today to write.  I called the New Holland Police Department this morning and asked for John Yost, the Chief of Police.  I was told by Janet, the woman who answers the phone, that he is on vacation this week.

    I asked her if she knew the ethnicity of Faith Mugwe.  She said, “She is black.”  I asked her if she knew the whereabouts of Ms. Mugwe.  She said, “She’s in the Lancaster County prison unless she made bail.”

    I asked for the two officers involved in her arrest, and she told me they both had worked the night shift and had left at 7:00 a.m.  I called her back today at 3:15 and she said she would leave them both messages to call me.

    As I noted this morning, this was picked up by a website, “Bad Cop News” early this morning when I googled her name.  It is apparently an RSS feed and I know nothing about it – but the closest I can get you to it is this link.  

    Basically, they just recounted the New Holland Police’s press release on this “incident” and it is the same as the item that appeared in the Sunday News (the link is below). 

    If anyone reading this knows Faith Mugwe or lives in her neighborhood, please contact me:  email – BeckyH209@aol.com; phone – (215) 350-5849.  There will be much more tomorrow:

    Please note that I published the below on Sunday on this site and I will stay on top of this case the entire way through the legal process.  There will be much more tomorrow.

    But back on a serious note – why do we need alternative new sources?  Because of stories like the one in today’s Sunday News police log:  Police use Taser on unruly woman,” (click here).    How did a call about loud music get so out of hand?  This woman was apparently in her own home.  Does she have to show I.D.?  How can they charge her with “public drunkenness” when she was in her own home – until they arrested her?  I don’t know – but I plan to find out - and her life is now in ruins over a loud music complaint. The police did not handle this appropriately.  This should never have escalated into her being pepper sprayed, tasered and taken to the hospital.  Can you imagine if they had done this to an F&M student over a loud music call?  This incident needs to be investigated.   



The arrest of Faith Mugwe by the New Holland Police (see “UNRULY?” below on this site) has made the “Bad Cop News.”  They are calling it an attack by the two officers. 

Please check back later today…

Turkey Hill needs to refuse to distribute the Lancaster Newspapers. 

They are operating illegally.

Please check back later today…

~ Serious & Fun! ~



    This week’s edition of the Lancaster Post is up on their website and well worth a read (click here).  Senator, “Santa Gib,” that lovely man, is trying to bring his wealthiest buddies in the county more money – the Lancaster Newspapers for their convention center/hotel; High Industries for their “Crossings” and Franklin & Marshall College and Lancaster General Hospital for moving the rail yard.  That’s so nice, Gib!

    We sure didn’t learn that from the Lancaster Newspapers.  In fact, today’s Sunday News is devoid of news!  Amazing!


    And I was thinking about Turkey Hill and their saying the Post is “too controversial.”  That is just really scary.  The chain that carries the Enquirer, Star and other rags, says an article on Lancaster Newspaper’s multi-million dollar heiress Peggy Steinman and her horseracing activities is too controversial?  Are you kidding me? 

    I actually can’t imagine an article they could carry that would be “too controversial.” Can you?  Possibly if they allege Dale S. High is gay and cruises the public bathrooms at Long’s Park.  Of course, that’s only if they don’t have any proof – if they have pictures of Dale S. High cruising the bathrooms then that’s a different – and legitimate - story!  If they have pictures of High rendezvousing with New Era editor Ernie Schreiber at the Long’s Park bathrooms – then they have a hell of a story!  Hey guys, anything in the works?


    But back on a serious note – why do we need alternative new sources?  Because of stories like the one in today’s Sunday News police log:  Police use Taser on unruly woman,” (click here).   How did a call about loud music get so out of hand?  This woman was apparently in her own home.  Does she have to show I.D.?  How can they charge her with “public drunkenness” when she was in her own home – until they arrested her?  I don’t know – but I plan to find out - and her life is now in ruins over a loud music complaint. The police did not handle this appropriately.  This should never have escalated into her being pepper sprayed, tasered and taken to the hospital.  Can you imagine if they had done this to an F&M student over a loud music call?  This incident needs to be investigated.


    Back to fun - a Talkbacker posted this under a thread about a summer picnic get-together at Long’s Park (Gasp!  Did I just see Dale?):

    Hmm....... I wonder if we could schedule mud wrestling matches. Perhaps lancoyokel & Becky against Gil and Dave Pidgeon.

    Horrors!  I am seriously appalled.  I am a woman of refinement, style and grace.  Mud wrestling, indeed!

    It must be JELL-O!  A big vat of green jell-o!  Yahoo!  Come on, Smarty Pants, come out of those bathrooms and let’s tango.  Hint to jell-o maker – I’ve heard adding a tad of vodka improves the fun!

Please check back tomorrow…